Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Key Pieces of White River Junction

I've had some inquiries from my post the other day showing one possible change to the White River Junction section arrangement. I think it may have confused some people - in fact I know it did! I didn't make it clear that the plan DOES NOT reflect the current track arrangement. In fact, the proposed "new" plan is a compromise from the prototype. 
In an attempt to clarify - 
here's an aerial photo from 1953 showing the station area at White River Junction, Vt. From the UVM web site. I added the labels to show some "key" elements. 

The orientation of this aerial photo is close to how my layout's White River scene is presently arranged - the station is to the left and the CV yard is north - to the right in this photo - as you look at the layout - and when you're standing in my aisle you're really in the White River.
My main issue with the current arrangement is the staging yard - it's on a stub-ended shelf through the large mouse hole. And, speaking of the mouse hole, well that's issue #2 - but as we add more and more elements to the foreground and continue the scenery into the staging yard it becomes less and less obtrusive 

But it doesn't change the fact that the staging yard itself is a real problem….And now here, for the first time anywhere - the "Backstage" View. I've lost count of how many times I've bumped into the end of this damn "temporary" staging yard. 

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Roger Sekera said...

Marty In reading your comments and deducing what "them others" have said I sense that your are at one of those decision trees. If prototypical realism is the objective, follow it even if you have accept some issues, but if Bob's plan ( which looks reasonable) works.....Not voting here, but this looks a lot like a fielder's choice, albeit a really nice one. All the best--from France. Hope to see you at the RPM inn Sept. Roger Sekera