Richford Branch Trackplan

Central Vermont Railway Richford Branch, HO Scale, designed by Lance Mindheim. Lance offers a full range of layout services from design through construction of complete model railroads. Contact Lance's Shelf Layouts Co. HERE.  

Here's a brief description of the layout using the familiar Model Railroader Magazine style "Layout-At-A-Glance" format. Items with "???" still to be determined. Will update this page as needed. 

Prototype: Richford Branch of Central Vermont Railway

Locale: Several "modified" prototype locations in Vermont including Sheldon Springs, Sheldon Junction, Enosburg Falls, and Richford. 

Theme/Approach: Historical novel not a history textbook. Prototype influenced - meaning allowances for "adjustments" as needed and desired.  

Period: Early 1950s - season ???

Scale: HO (1:87.1)

Layout Size (roughly): 12 x 30 with a stub ended staging yard in the utility room

Style: Around the walls with two stub ended peninsulas

Benchwork: Open grid - 3/4" plywood cut to 3" widths for frame members. Around the wall sections supported on wall brackets; peninsulas and "front shelf" on IKEA Ivar storage units. 

Subroadbed: Plywood

Roadbed: Cork, trimmed to width of ties. HO scale cork on mainlines, transitioning to N scale cork on sidings. 

Track:  Some temporary track Atlas code 83 to get up and running. 

Final track - Micro Engineering Code 70. All turnouts hand thrown unless reach-in jeopardizes finished structures/scenery. Micro Engineering turnouts. Some special turnouts handlaid. 

Mainline Run (approx.): ???

Maximum Grade: 0%

Minimum Radius: 36” main; 30” industrial sidings

Power & Control: NCE DCC with radio throttles; turnouts manually thrown. 

Backdrop: On walls, no center backdrops - 3-D ridges create view screen. Handpainted or photos remains ???

Scenery: Combination of cardboard lattice and plaster cloth or pink foamboard in open areas with Florist foam in heavily wooded areas.


Norman Wolf said...

Is this the new basement??? If so, it looks like you'll have a great 'pike!

Alan said...

it looks like the plan you have developed is going to give you the visual "breathing room" you need to create the atmosphere evident in the latest photos, very cool!

Joe Baldwin said...


How about publishing a time line of where you lived, what you built and why you dismantled. Hard to get things straight. If such a piece exists, I couldn't find it.


CVSNE said...

Joe, That likely deserves it's own blog post!

Matthieu Lachance said...

I railfanned the area last weekend, skirting along the boundary line up to Richford. Now I perfectly understand why you wanted to model that branchline! Great location!