Sunday, December 20, 2015

Richmond Creamery - A few words (and more pics) from Wordless Wednesday #115

I received this note from a blog reader early this morning - 


 One or two words on the blog concerning the latest Wordless Wednesday (115?) model might be in order.  Like what is it, where is it going, etc…"

 The building in the picture in Wordless Wednesday #115 is the Richmond, Vermont creamery. 
The model was built by Rich Cobb. Rich has built several structures for me, including the White River Junction and Randolph stations.
On the layout it's going in the corner at the north end of Everett (which I might rename Richmond - especially when one considers that Rich also included a model of the Richmond depot!). I still have to weather the building and add a few additional details. In fact, I've been working on "planting" the building this weekend.  
Here are a few prototype photos of the building - the color shots on the structure in more recent times are from George Dutka - thanks for sharing these George!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Central Vermont stenciling diagrams

An ongoing discussion on the Steam Era Freight Cars Yahoo Group started as a discussion of various railroad rolling stock lettering types/styles. This naturally morphed into a discussion of "stenciling diagrams"  - full size diagrams that shop crews would use when lettering equipment. 
Some railroads called these "heralds," many called them "emblems" - on the CN family, including the Central Vermont, the diagrams were most often referred to as "wafers." 
Here is the CV stenciling diagram for the familiar steam locomotive tender lettering (also used on one of the milk car schemes), the familiar CV "tilted wafer":
And here is the diagram for the Maple Leaf monogram applied to the ends of the diesel locomotives and sides of some passenger cars:

I also have the maple leaf used on the vans, but haven't scanned it yet. 

Wordless Wednesday #114