Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wordless Wednesday #111

Progress Report - 1 November 2015

These two photos show the difference between in the overall lighting in this section of the layout with the lights off (above) and lights on (below). There's not a great deal of extra light on the layout (although it seems far more noticeable in person than in photos), but the under cabinet strips serve to reduce the extreme shadow caused by the soffit and even out the "sky." 
Stic came by early on Sunday morning and we managed to get some new, much needed lights (undercabinet lights leftover from the bottom of the old upper deck) over the former White River Junction yard area. Amazing how much better it makes that section of the layout look. We also brought the homasote and plywood sheet downstairs and got the risers leveled out so now there's a big flat section of benchwork. 
Next task is to develop a plan showing what will emerge in this location. At the same time I need to figure out the staging arrangement in the utility room. 
Sorry I didn't have a chance to take some photos - I will go back and add to this post - it's really amazing how much different (and better) the additional lighting brightens up the area!