Saturday, December 27, 2014

Marathon scenery session

An overall view of the next area of the layout to get the scenic treatment - between Williams Creek bridge and the south switch at Richmond. 
At this point this section of the layout look more like the surface of the moon than Vermont pastureland. Need to let the "dirt" dry before I start adding the grass …. tomorrow. 
I'm sick of looking at unfinished sections of the layout. I've also signed up to do a clinic on the techniques and materials I use to model fall scenery at the upcoming Cocoa Beach RPM meet titled "Modeling the October Scene." 
I had enough scenes to do the "finished" photos for the clinic, but needed some step-by-step pictures. 
Combine all this together with a long holiday weekend and I'm on my third day of working on scenery. Last weekend I did some backdrop tweaks and worked on some trees. 
Here's what I've done since Friday:
1. Painted, and repainted, the backdrop north of Williams Creek. 
2. Finished carving and gap filling the landforms all the gaps filled from Randolph through to the south switch at Richmond. 
3. Airbrushed the track at Randolph and north of Williams Creek. 
4. Added the first "coat" to the scenery - leaf fall in the areas that will be forested and sifted earth for those areas that will get some form of "grass." 

And, I even started assembling my clinic. 
Lots still to do. 


Darel Leedy said...

Coming along very nicely Marty. In particular the backdrop. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm hoping to have one of those sessions soon myself. Been way to long since doing any "fun" work on the layout. Oops... am I allowed to say that word here?

CVSNE said...

Thanks Darel.
Sure, you can say "fun" around here … everything I do on the layout I do for fun! (well, except wiring and rebuilding the stupid thing….)