Friday, June 27, 2014

Tru-Color Paint - we have a winner!

My comments here are limited to airbrushing - I rarely, if ever airbrush things like structures and usually paint them by hand. 
Years ago my go-to paint for painting locomotives and rolling stock was a line of paint called "Accu-paint" from SMP Industries. (Not to be confused with the Accu Flex line of paints that eventually became "Modelflex"). 
I got started using Accu-paint since I modeled New England railroads and Accupaint made a line of decals with paints colored to match. But I found I always had great results with the stuff - it sprayed nice and fine, didn't spatter, gum up the airbrush, or dry with anything other than a smooth, shiny finish perfect for decals. 
A few months ago I stumbled across a bottle of Tru-Color paint at a train show. I'd heard of this paint but had never actually encountered it. "Oh great, more crappy paint" I said to the owner. 
"Try it and see what you think" was his reply. 
Last night I sprayed a car with the stuff - the paint performed beautifully, just like the old Accu-Paint (no surprise since they're essentially the same formula). 
I've used some acrylic paints - primarily the Vallejo brand - with good success as well. With some brands I always seem to get splattering and other issues. 
And no matter what I've tried I always seem to have issues with clear flat finishes from any acrylic paint manufacturer. 
I just tried the Tru-Color clear flat finish - it went on like a dream! 
Tru-Color has also introduced something Accu-paint never did - a line of flat weathering colors. I'm going to try those once I get through tomorrow's operating session. 
I'll post photos later. 
And since someone will inevitably post a comment about solvent-vs-acrylic paints and safety issues I'll add common sense applies. When you're airbrushing anything - including acrylics - you should be using a vented booth and ideally wear a two-stage respirator, gloves, and eye protection. 


Unknown said...

What floquil mix or Tru Color paint tone is best for wood braced CV box cars?


CVSNE said...

I don't know of a Floquil paint match. You could use CN Red #11 which is available in both Scalecoat and Modelflex. In the Tru-Color line the closest color would be #196 CN 1937-60s Boxcar Brown.
Hope this helps.