Sunday, June 15, 2014

Work Session Report - 15 June 2014

Tom, John, and Ben stopped by a short work session this afternoon. 
About a year ago John made a yardmasters desk for White River Junction - he and Tom worked on installing it on the layout. John is an extremely talented modeler - his other hobby is making mandolins - so to say he went above and beyond the call with the YM's desk is an understatement!
But the finished desk looks great, and it's on drawer glides so it can be slid out of the way to keep the aisle clear when it's not needed. 
Tom and I spent some time discussing the station platforms and B&M track arrangements by White River Junction station. We have a plan for the area that will maximize the platform area around the station building and make the finished scene close to full size in HO. It's going to have to wait until after the operating sessions in the next two weeks. 

Ben worked on passenger car wheel sets. 
I did a couple of minor little tasks - adding another set of feeders near the creamery crossing and ballasting some of the mainline track. 
I also finished installing the phone system that Mat and Pete stopped by to help with on Tuesday night. The phone system deserves it's own post. 
Thanks to all for the help!
As for me, now I have to clean up the layout room and get things staged for the session next Saturday.

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