Saturday, January 8, 2022

Streeters Store Scenicking

 Work continues on the Streeters Store area of the Junction. 

But what I've really been working on this past week is cleaning up and organizing the workshop area and modeling desk. 

I still have some more sorting/putting stuff away to do before showing photos of the finished result. 

In the meantime, here's a couple more photos of the store!


David said...

Marty….love your work ! Really coming along nicely. Just curious. Looking at these scenes compared to the track plan Lance designed for you, has the track work changed at Sheldon Jct ?

CVSNE said...


Thanks for the kind words.
The St J track and highway are as shown on the trackplan.
While I originally had the ST interchange track as shown on the plan, the geometry always seemed a little weird when I saw it.
So I did make a few changes - covered them in previous blog posts - but basically the creamery spur on the track plan now curves towards the fascia and is the interchange track. The creamery track now starts to the left of the St. J crossing curves to the left inside the main.