Saturday, February 1, 2014

Laying out Randolph

Laying out the Randolph track arrangement. In this photo, the under construction Waterbury station is serving as a stand in for Randolph. 
Been working on converting the prototype track arrangement at Randolph onto the layout. I'm doing this "full size" using actual track components, or xerox copies, and cut outs of buildings. I pinned a large piece of plain white poster paper to the layout surface so I could sketch out ideas, and make changes. Eventually that piece of paper will serve as the template for cutting out the sub roadbed. 
A key signature scene for Randolph is in this aerial view. I think I can take liberties with the prototype (such as bending the track the "wrong way," curving tangent track etc…..) as long as I get this "downtown" scene fairly accurate. 

Aerial view of the depot area in Randolph. The station is in the upper right hand corner, which means this photo is oriented with my backdrop side on the bottom and fascia side on top. Randolph Coal and Ice (lower left) and the firehouse (with the peaked-roof tower) are also signature structures for this scene. 


Tore Hjellset said...

I guess you've already seent these photos?

CVSNE said...

Tore, I've taken a lot of photos of that building over the years!