Thursday, August 22, 2019

Wordless Wednesday #210 (yes, it's a little late!)

Ann Arbor boxcar displaying salvaged rubber, Enosburg Falls, Vermont - 1942


Matt Forcum said...

Better late than never! (this is a good one too.)

Jerry said...

Great picture!!

CVSNE said...

I think the old codger holding the sign is perhaps my favorite thing in this photo!

Jack Dziadul said...

Marty, I love the subject of your clinic and am sorry that I am not attending that RPM. Coincidentally I am writing a clinic of that is quite similar to your titled presentation. My clinic “ Working with Historical Societies to Create Prototype Structures” will be presented at the Winston-Salem, NC RPM in November. A chopped down version will be presented at GSMTS at Timonium in October.
Jack Dziadul
Sanford, NC