Sunday, September 25, 2016

SNE Wiggle Worm

Over the years I've had folks who model a later era that I've never really modeled ask what the lettering for my Southern New England would have looked like post-1961. 

A few months back, Bernie Kempinski and Otto Vondrak worked with me to develop the initial concepts for a “new image” SNE “wiggly worm” logo. The graphic challenge was how does one “link” the letters “S,” “N”, and “E” - try it - it’s not as easy as linking two letters like “CN” or even “CV.”
The answer lay in the approach the DWP took - the graphic designers for CN way back in 1961 obviously had the same issue linking the letters together. The solution was to not even bother trying!
I have to give Mike C credit for suggesting the DWP possibility - and all the credit (or blame if you don’t like it) for the logo goes to Otto. 
Thanks to all, here, for the first time, is a poor color rendering of what this scheme might look like on one of the SNE’s GP9s after repainting in the North Providence shops in 1965….

Appreciate any and all thoughts - 

Here's a version of the lettering scheme in the later green/yellow:


Geof Smith said...

Nice work! Post 1977, when the CV went to the Independence green and yellow, do you think the SNE would have followed course?

Greg said...

Taking the topic further would a 2016 SNE look like GTW, DMIR subsidiary with Southern New England lettering, and SNE marks but in the corporate brown with on the side?

Marty I would gladly work up a car on my Michigan Interstate if ok with you? Highball Graphics has the modern sets to make this pretty easy.

Greg said...

Love the rendering as well!

CVSNE said...

Most certainly - I've added a Larsen green scheme to the post.

CVSNE said...

Honestly by 2016 the SNE would most likely have been a bicycle path! Seriously, since the CV was sold in 1994 I'd suppose the SNE would have been spun off from the CN parent at some point before 2016.

Anonymous said...

Looks good. Who did the decals for you?

CVSNE said...

Actually haven't had any decals printed up yet. I need to get some made - frankly not sure who to use as a vendor.