Monday, May 19, 2014

An old stone fence - 2

Need to decide how to finish the upper field area.
Still playing around with shaping the stone fence - the little rocks want to roll down the hills!
I've also been thinking about what would make a good finishing touch for the "Upper Field" area - noted in the photo above.
Christine suggested an apple orchard - that might work.
My only concern with that is I don't want to draw a lot of attention to this area - the whole negative or white space thing I discussed a couple of weeks ago. (An orchard is an excellent suggestion for the layout - I'm just not sure this is the right place for one!)
Other possibilites:
1. A recently harvested corn field.
2. A second pasture - with very short grass, perhaps one larger group of trees.
3. A pumpkin patch (complete with a roadstand stand) - again a great idea, not sure a bunch of little orange pumpkins won't immediately draw the eye.
4. A field full of soon-to-be harvested corn?
If you have thoughts/opinions I'd love to hear them!


Cathkin said...

Soon to be harvested corn gets my vote...

Walter Downunder

Darel Leedy said...

It looks like a little valley. I like the openness of the scene, so I'd vote for the pasture. But then, I'm always for letting my horses free graze any chance they can get.

Anonymous said...

How about an old windmill with a watering trough for the cows!

Bernie said...

The ground looks a little rough for a cornfield. Pasture seems to make more sense.

Stic Harris said...

I like the pumpkin patch idea with a scarecrow...

Unknown said...


If you want "white space," adding anything "interesting" will kill the white with "color." And if you add cows to the pasture, remembering that Vermont has more cows than people (at least in that era), that, too, will add "color." So empty pasture gets my vote. There's plenty of that in Vermont even today.

Trevor said...

I too vote for the empty pasture. If you want to add something, add a few cows to the front field.