Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Wordless Wednesday #271



Jim Dufour said...

WOW! George Corey strikes again.

Jim Donovan said...

Marty, Jim Donovan here from The Modelers Forum. I am going through the member listing and contacting everyone that has not been on recently to let them know the Forum is back up and running. I am now handling the underwriting of the site and Craig Rusty is the administrator. We have made the forum easy to use again, increased size of allowed photos to 5 times before (should be no size issues) and are slowly getting the gang back together again. We have been up for a few months now and everything is stable. So hope you will check in and say hi. If you need to update your password just let me or Craig know. My e-mail is Look forward to seeing you on the forum again. Please let anyone you know that would be interest in the Forum as well. Thanks.