Monday, December 27, 2021

Sign for Streeters Store

Quick one evening project. Actually two evenings since I had to wait for the decals to dry! 

I started with the post from a JL Innovative gas station detail set. (This same set included the Esso gas pumps). I first painted the sign post flat white. Then I painted a piece of thin (.005") styrene dark blue and then applied Microscale Esso decals to the styrene. I snuggled the decals in place with Solvaset and let them dry. Once they were dry I carefully trimmed around the edges of the decal, flipped the sign over and applied a second Esso decal sign to the opposite side. I allowed the decals to dry completely overnight. 

I rusted the edges of the sign and the post with Raw Umber and Mississippi Mud acrylic paints applied sparingly with a piece of torn sea sponge.   I got this technique for rusting signs watching Jason Jensen's YouTube channel. 

I fabricated the crossarm for the sign from pieces of brass wire. 

The base is basswood coated with Ceramic Stucco to give it a little concrete texture. I painted it with light tan acrylic paint and weathered it with some rust colored chalks. 


DandHColonieMain said...

Looks great... er, looks terrible... er, you know what I mean!

Bill Gill said...

Nice looking sign. Did you use a some kind of guide to cut the sign oval so precisely?

CVSNE said...


No, I used an X-acto swivel blade and spun the sign around on the cutting mat as I cut it out.