Friday, March 13, 2020

Viral thoughts

As of today (March 13, 2020) due to concerns regarding the Covid -19 virus all of the planned events listed HEREwith the exception of MARPM, have been cancelled or postponed with no new date identified. 
Sorry I'll miss seeing folks at these events, but I hope to be able to post revised dates as things sort themselves out. 
One thought. I've been reading several blogs and message boards today where people are:

(1) Lamenting the cancellation of train meets, shows, and other hobby events, and/or 
(2) Worried about the impact of a global pandemic on the production of model railroad equipment, especially overseas.

With regards to Item #1. Model railroading is a great hobby, but it is just that, a hobby. The organizers of these shows and the owners of venues where they're being held aren't enjoying this situation any more than you. And while it's a bummer that you won't have yet another opportunity to purchase more, perhaps we should all take this opportunity to build some of the stuff we have. 
The answer to #2 is simple - yes, there will be an impact. There will certainly be delays, and I'm sure some of these will be significant. Some model train manufacturing facilities overseas may not survive. Some model railroad companies in the US might not survive. 
Frankly, I could care less. The hobby will go on. Besides, there's little or nothing commercially available in the RTR market suitable for a Central Vermont branchline that I don't already have, so I'm covered.   
We need to keep things in perspective as far as what's truly important, and what's not.  As of today, my office is still open, but I wouldn't be surprised if we are told to work from home at some point, most likely next week. 
If that happens, my plan is take the three hours a day I currently spend commuting, as well as those weekend days I won't be at NMRA and RPM meets over the next month, and try to work my way through my rather extensive stash of kits. 
Here's hoping many of you take the opportunity to do the same. 
For now, please listen and comply with the instructions of health care professionals and take care of yourself and your family. There's no reason to panic, but there's every reason to be prudent. Besides, I'm looking forward to seeing you at an RPM meet at some point in the future - hopefully sooner rather than later!


Matthieu Lachance said...

Marty, thanks for this post. I can concur to it too. I've been a little bit surprised by many hobby blogs (not only train related) where people were in panic over their hobby convention and goods. Not only it was childish but also a little bit depressing. They say you judge a man by its actions against adversity... it speaks volume.

That said, since I'm now working from home due to self-isolation (I'm one these lucky folks with bad immune system), I've had a lot of time on hand to complete my hobby room and sorting out for the first time my entire train collection. Not only did I found out I had far too much things, but that I could practice this hobby for ever with only buying paint, glue and basic stuff. Consumerism is sometimes a mind numbing.

It's also a good occasion to go back to the roots of a hobby: a way to spend time in a significant and active manner. While doing some work at home, I also have the occasion to work more on a few modelling projects. They focus my mind on positive things for a few minutes per day which is welcome.

Incidently, and you would be happy, my project is decalling a custom detailed Central Vermont GP9 in classic olive & yellow scheme. I've always felt this scheme was a hassle to paint, but now, under extreme circumstances, find it far less challenging!

Take care! I wish you the best!

CVSNE said...

I saw a meme the other day - basically it read:
"When our grandparents generation needed to save humanity from itself they went to war.
We hoarded toilet paper."

I'm not sure this pandemic is on quite the same level as WWII, but I get the point.

We've been on official "telework" since Tuesday - frankly I've worked more this last week than I normally would have at the office.
But most of those extra hours have been coordinating things, making sure my team can work efficiently, and maintain efficient communications. I expect next week I might be able to spend my former "commute" time in the basement - but one never knows!

Look forward to seeing your CV GP9!

Please take care of yourself mon ami!