Monday, July 29, 2019

A new look - Epic Fail - and a reboot.

As several of you noticed I changed the appearance of the blog a week or two ago. 
I like to change the look of the blog every so often, and it has been more than a year since I made any changes to the layout and appearance of this thing - and frankly the look of the blog before the green background was a quick revamp in an effort to make it obvious that the blog, and model railroad that serves as it's primary focus, were taking a different tack. 
I kind of liked the dark green - thought it looked "snazzy" - but I know well it's more difficult to read to large amounts of reversed text. 
I received several comments - via email or in the comments section regarding the dark background. 
So, I've changed it. 
I actually like the new look, and hope you do as well!


TWForeman said...

Looks good!

George Dutka said...

I like the new look Marty...well done...I think I should look at a change to the WRD at some has stayed the same through the years...George

nscalestation said...

Great intro photo and the font and colors are easy on the eyes.