Monday, August 13, 2018

Making sawdust

I managed to find some time this past week to get a start on the benchwork for "Phase 1."
The Ivar shelves are working out pretty much as expected. I did need to lower the grid framework to clear a light switch. Murphy's Law saw to it that the height of the Ivar shelves would have put the benchwork dead center on the light switches! 
Since that area will be where two wood trestles are located, I needed to lower the base height slightly so it worked out well. 
If pressed I will claim that I planned it that way.... 
While the vast majority of the benchwork will be open grid as show here, since the Richford peninsula is kinda oddly shaped I'm going to use L-girder there since it will be easier to create a more "free-form" look than the myriad of angle cuts that would required for open grid. 
One thing I'm doing on this layout (lesson learned from last one!) is using pocket screws to make it easier to move the cross members when/if that proves necessary. I'm trying to avoid having access to any screws prevented by the screw ending up against the wall or buried behind scenery or behind the fascia where it would be very difficult to access.  


Geof Smith said...

Marty, what height will your track level be?

CVSNE said...

Right around 50" or so.

Geof Smith said...

I took your lead and have priced out the Ivar system, but as my basic frames are modular I’m thinking it may be more economical to go with basic L-girder support. Need to price out the lumber next. And at 6’3”, I’m thinking maybe 54” height.