Sunday, February 26, 2023

Bill Welch Freight Cars

Ted Culotta  is handling the late Bill Welch's modeling estate. So when I saw Ted at Timonium a few weeks ago I was thrilled when he presented me with two of Bill's completed models. They're shown here posed on the Richford Branch. Note like most of Bill's models I've seen these two are beautifully modeled - and wear pristine paint jobs. 

Currently these are in a display case alongside alongside other models from friends who have passed away - including Andy Sperandeo, Richard Hendrickson, Jack Ozanich, and Dick Elwell. I'm more than a little torn - should I weather these and run them as part of the operating fleet, or leave them as Bill built them?  


Jack Shall said...

I'd weather them and run them. I think cars are built to work, and the former owners would be pleased to see them rolling down the rails.

-Jack Shall

DandHColonieMain said...

Don't weather them! If you want to run them then do so... every car started off factory fresh in the real world at one time. But, if the builder chose to leave them like this then I suggest you do the same. You can't go back.