Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wordless Wednesday #1


Tore Hjellset said...

Nice car! Is it a resin kit?

CVSNE said...

Yes, it's a resin car. Steam Shack model (also available from F&C) of a CV 41000 series 1-1/2 door auto boxcar.

Bernie said...

The weathering is very Dolkosian.

Brad Andonian said...

Did the cv have 40' single sheathed auto cars with end opening doors?

CVSNE said...

Thanks for writing.
Short answer to your question is yes they did.
The largest single class of CV boxcars in the late steam era were the 41,000-series 1-1/2 door cars with auto ends like the model shown above. The CV had 500 of these cars delivered in 1929. They lasted in service into the early 1960s. See the article (with plans) in the August 2001 issue of MR.
At the same time as the end-door 41,000-series cars were delivered the CV also took delivery of a double door version (no end doors) of the same basic cars.
I've never done a blog entry on the 41000-series cars since I have nothing to add to the MR article. I did a blog entry on the 42,000-series cars here: