Friday, March 28, 2014

Re-Locating Williams Creek - 2

Phase 1 of the Williams Creek scene relocation is complete. The first photo (left) shows how the scene looked before I removed the background hills and determined the final location of the Williams Creek "section." 
The shot below shows how the scene looks after the twin mountains were removed. The flextrack shows the approximate location of the mainline realignment. The white paper cut out is the Williams Creek section template. Note this will take up some aisle space. 
I think this arrangement will work, but want to play around with some other mockups first. In any event, the truss bridge has to move for the track geometry to work. A couple of possible approaches:
1. Option A: Place Williams Creek as shown in photo 2 and remove the through truss bridge. Fill in the river scene closest to the camera and add a small industry and perhaps a grade crossing. 
2. Option B: Place Williams Creek where the paper template is shown in Photo 2 and slide the through truss  bridge closer to the fascia and angle it to match the new mainline alignment. At this point the scene has the mainline crossing the same river twice, once on the through truss, the second time on the deck girder Williams Creek bridge. We assume the river bends "off scene." 
3. Option C: Remove the through truss bridge and place the Williams Creek scene in its place. Photo 3 shows the Williams Creek template in position. It's hard to see since it's draped over the truss bridge, but this option doesn't require eating up any additional aisle space. I also think two bridges may be just a "little too much of a good thing."
All these options will allow for 'something' - either a feed mill or a riverside mill building - between the mainline and the backdrop. There may even be room for both. I have good ideas for prototypes for both of these elements. All I know for sure is this area of the layout needs a focal point. 
I'm leaning towards Option C. 
Which would you choose? 

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