Thursday, March 27, 2014

Window screen material

Bet a picture of a tea bag was the last thing you expected to see on a railroad blog....
A few days ago my good friend Bill Welch was searching for some HO "window screen" material for a pair of ventilated boxcars he's building.
He mentioned using Clover House window screen (basically a very fine mesh) but was not quite satisfied with it. Then he noticed his Bodum French coffee maker had a press part built into the lid with some beautiful very fine wire mesh. He googled "Bodum Replacement Filter Mesh" and was able to order two replacement filters - enough to complete his cars, some cabooses, and likely a few structures as well.
I read Bill's note over a cup of tea yesterday afternoon. Someone had left a box of "designer" tea in the kitchen at the office and I've been enjoying them on a cold afternoon (which we've had in spades lately).
Anyway, I noticed the tea bag had some of the finest mesh I've ever seen. I'd like to add a screen door to a building I've got planned for Waterbury, so I think I'll use this material. Thanks to Bill's note I had the idea in my head to be on the lookout for HO window screen.
I think this stuff would also work for chain link fence in HO, or even N scale. I tried taking a couple of photos with my phone, but they're not the best.  
Besides, the tea isn't all that great. I still prefer Lipton.

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Anonymous said...

While searching for some more CV information I found this post on window screen material.
I found a very useful item back in 1988. This is the old fashioned computer glare screens. These were clipped in front of the screen to kill the glare. The good thing is that they are black and do not have the sheen that is present newer style Twinings tea bags.
Gary Norwood, Sydney, Australia.