Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Steam in the Snow at North Conway

I recently was made aware of this video shot in the winter of 2009 on the North Conway Scenic Railroad in North Conway, NH. Very neat shots of some vintage freight equipment and beautiful CN 0-6-0 running through the snow. The freight equipment is restored, but has naturally weathered so it doesn't look like a museum train. And, to complete the illusion, there's a CV van bringing up the markers…if you squint it could be 1954…

Here's a link:


  1. Marty That great of you to post these interesting subjects that many of us aren't aware of Thanks JOHN CVRHS

  2. Marty, Many thanks for the post. The CN switcher will be undergoing mandatory work and will be out of service for two years: http://conwayscenic.com/steam-train-7470/

  3. Surprised I hadn't seen this video before - and figured if I hadn't seen it someone else hadn't either!
    Are there drawings or specifications of 7470 anywhere? I'd be interested in comparing her to the CV's small group of rather handsome 0-6-0s… and I think an 0-6-0 may be an excellent first steam scratch build project.