Monday, December 28, 2020

Video Layout Update 09

Hope all had a Merry Christmas - and wish all nothing but the best for 2021!
Just prior to the holidays I posted a layout update video on YouTube. 

Here’s the link:

I’m afraid there’s not a lot of visually exciting things to share - I’ve been spending virtually all my hobby time in the last month or so working on electrical and mechanical items - but I’m happy to report the seemingly never-ending Tortoise install project is almost completed!
I also got an early Christmas present this year in the form of a couple of Athearn CV GP9s. 

It’s likely impossible for folks who model things like the Santa Fe, Conrail, BNSF etc,,, to appreciate how much of a thrill it is to get a complete factory painted locomotive that I don’t have paint/decal etc.. myself!
While I do get to use factory painted CN locomotives from time to time, CV factory painted engines are a comparative rarity. 
It’s happened exactly three times with diesels that I can think of in the past - an Atlas RS-11 (two paint schemes) and an S-2!
Apparently there are some “issues” with the details on the Athearn GP9s - I’m hardly a diesel locomotive expert so you’ll have to ask someone who knows more than I do for a run down on the issues. 
To me, they look like CV GP9s and sound nice - and all I had to do was figure out how to get them out of the packaging! 


Anonymous said...

Don Janes wrote up his efforts to correct the Geeps.

Matt Forcum said...

Excellent updates! I'm working on installing tortoises myself. Pain in the you-know-what! :)

Harrison Smith said...

Very nice blog, looking forward to more videos and posts. Just subscribed to your YouTube.

CVSNE said...

Thanks! Hope you find something useful - or at least entertaining in the videos.
Which reminds me, another video update is overdue ....