Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Wordless Wednesday #227 - A walk around the layout


Jack Shall said...

Marty, I like the color of your fascia. In an earlier blog you said that you intended to use Sherwin Williams 6222 Riverway paint. Is this that color?

-Jack Shall

Anonymous said...

Marty, Hope you are doing well, The area above my backdrop I originally painted it to match the facial. Every time I tried to take photo the green I used was in the photos. This winter I repainted the garage with sky blue from the backdrop and it is a lot better to take photos. It was really bad trying to use photoshop to make improvements with the green. The layout is looking good. Just a FYI from my perspective.
Tom Wilson

CVSNE said...



Yes, that's the color I used. I really like it.


CVSNE said...

Hi tom,

I've opted to leave the area up to the ceiling sky blue - at least for now.
'm also going to forego the photo murals at least for the time being - when I build the background scenery I'm going to leave a gap between the 3d mountains and the wall - just in case.