Friday, October 11, 2019

Just about reached the end ...

I've started to experiment with photo backdrops. Yes, I plan to trim it to the ridgeline and not have the white borders on the final backdrop!
... of the woodworking phase of layout construction! 
Two significant (at least to me) accomplishments in the model railroading realm this week. 
First of all, I'm happy to report that the significant benchwork construction is (at long last) completed - that means all the subroaded and fascia has been installed, See below for an overall view of the layout:

At this point the only construction left is to complete the swing gate and install a couple of shelves in some key locations. The shelves will prove useful for a place for visitors and operators to put their beverages - oh yes, and in case we ever operate the layout formally there'll be a place to store throttles and paperwork and the like that isn't the surface of the railroad!
There's still some track laying left to complete - primarily on the two peninsulas - the shot below shows the CV yard in Richford - obviously it's awaiting roadbed and track!
The other thing I finished was a clinic on the layout that I just presented at the NMRA Mid-East Regional Convention in King of Prussia, Penn. For those keeping score, this is actually the second all new clinic I developed in the last 6 weeks - I'm hoping that this one will be a layout progress clinic that I can regularly update. I'd like to get as much mileage out of this as possible! 
The clinic was well received despite the 10 o'clock start time (that's 10pm!) and some issues getting my computer to talk to the projector. 


Nelson Allison said...

is there a version of this clinic for those of us who couldn't come to Gainsville?

EspeeCascades said...


I like your model cutting to prototype picture for your presentation title slide. I may steal that idea for my own presentations. Currently, I use a prototype picture and follow that with the model shot on the next slide. That is a great way to convey what we prototype layout builders are trying to accomplish.

Bill Decker, McMinnville, OR,

CVSNE said...


I tried to add it as a file to the blog, but it won't permit uploading a .pdf. I need to work on it some - if not, will try to post it somewhere other than the blog.

CVSNE said...

The "model to prototype" shot was a last minute experiment that I think worked pretty well.
I tried to do a "lessons learned" clinic at last year's MER convention - and had computer issues that meant I had to do a last minute substitute (I ended up doing a resin freight car building clinic - because that was the only other clinic on the computer and I had to do something!
So I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised when the clinic at the MER convention also had issues. Luckily this time we overcame them - although I started 15 minutes late.