Friday, August 1, 2014

Waterbury Curve

Phil Hastings, Central Vermont Railway Historical Society collection.
 With vacation over and a lot of the half done freight cars cleared off the shelf it's time to turn my attention to the layout again.
First project for this fall will be the "front door" to the layout - basically the structures, final scenery and the like in Waterbury which is the first scene visitors encounter when they enter the layout room.
I'm going to adopt a narrow focus approach and ignore everything else on the layout (with the exception of fixing any operational issues that crop up) until I get this area looking done. We'll see how that goes.
I have the basic walls cut out for the Waterbury freight house, and will post at a future point. Before I can proceed to build the structures I need a plan for this scene.
My inspiration for the mainline curve just north of Waterbury station is this Phil Hasting's shot of the Ambassador steaming through Waterbury in 1954. Basically, I'm figuring the viewpoint of the photographer matches the viewpoint of a visitor standing in the aisle at the corner of the peninsula looking at the layout.
The Dutch gambrel roof to the right of the overall shot above is one end of the Demeritt Canning complex. The other end of the complex is shown here.
The one-story buildings to the left of the train in the picture above are part of the Derby & Ball complex.
Next step is to create some footprints of the various structures to see how they fit.

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jaggerbomb said...

Hello Marty, I recently scratchbuilt the structure to the left side of the photo of the Ambassador roaring by. This is the only photo I had to work with, appears to be a lumber operation.Where will you be placing the Eiffel Tower on the layout !!! JOHN