Thursday, June 26, 2014

The many locales of Williams Creek

Seeing the overview of the entire peninsula from the post on Saturday's op session has received several nice comments... "layout is looking great," "glad to see it coming together" and the like. What I see is all the effort, time and money it's taken to get from "there to here."
The expense and time building a helix, second level, and a laying a lot more track. The wasted effort of doing, and then tearing out backdrops, scenery and the like.
It seems kind of strange that I kept one scene - the Williams Creek crossing, intact through all these changes. The labels show how this section of the layout, about 20" x 48" overall, started on the upper level, then moved straight down about 15" when the layout was single-decked. Finally, the addition of the longer siding at Randolph meant the bridge came out. As I related in a series of posts back in March and April, the bridge scene sat on a shelf in the storage room and more than once almost went to the curb. In the end Williams Creek has come to rest in his present location and there are no plans to move it anytime soon.
I really need to accept that the track plan, area for buildings, scenery, etc... will never be ideal. Instead I have to move forward and finish some other portion of the railroad. I'm planning for that to be Waterbury - but you never know.
Stay tuned.

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