Monday, June 2, 2014

Grassing up the creamery area

Overall view of the creamery scene. 
Spent some this evening adding the basic layer of static grass to the area around the creamery. I also added a row of trees to separate the creamery scene from the pasture area. As time permits I'll add some additional textures, various weeds and small bushes to break up the surface of the grass. 
New tree line between creamery scene and pasture. 

The next view is a close up look at the tree line with some of the various textures/static grasses in place. As an aside, the more I take photos of this area of the layout, the more I'm convinced the east wall of the basement needs to be painted "sky blue" and not tan!

I also added some static grass in an effort to blend the road into the backdrop photo. 

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