Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Backdrop scenery for the staging "yard"

 I'm updating my "Modeling the October Scene" clinic for the upcoming MARPM in September. One thing I want to include in the clinic are some shots of the new layout. At the same time I'd really like to be able to stage some trains in my staging yard - so it makes sense to finish up the scenery along the staging yard "scene." 

The primary scenic element here is the backdrop. Most of the staging yard tracks (all two of them!) will be screened from view by a line of trees, bushes etc... a modified version of "Screened Staging" I used on a prior layout. 

Yesterday I dug out the backdrop paints and got a start on the backdrop behind the staging yard. 

At first I didn't like how "flat" the mid ground (tan) hill looked. So I experimented with adding some additional texture - you can see it if you look closely at the center of the hill in the photo below. Now I have to add that texturing to the rest of the hillside.  


DandHColonieMain said...

It looks great!

brujolito said...

Where is the staging yard on the track plan? Along the back wall?

Jerry said...

I like it. Much better!


Marty McGuirk said...

The staging yard is on the right hand side wall shown on the Richford Branch trackplan. Essentially, I extended the CP Dummy track along the wall (and added a second staging track).
The entire back (top) wall track arrangement is changed from the trackplan - see this post for an example of what the old staging looked like, and what it looks like today -
I really need to get an update to that section of the track plan.

brujolito said...

Thanks Marty. I didn't think that it was on the back wall, but couldn't figure out the changes on the rh wall