Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Tips of Researching and Building Prototype Structures - now Virtual

I've presented my Tips for Building and Researching Prototype Structures several times - once in person at last year's Mid-Atlantic Railroad Prototype Modelers meet, and twice virtually via zoom - the first time in September on one of the Hindsight 2020 virtual RPMs, and again earlier this month for the local NMRA division. 

Although I'd thought the Hindsight presentation was recorded - I don't think anyone has ever posted it (it's fine if they do, and if you've happened to stumble across that one please let me know!)

The most recent presentation to the local NMRA division was recorded and uploaded to You Tube - you can find it here:


I haven't watched the video - so I have no idea how I sound or how it looks. I was planning to actually record the presentation and upload it to my You Tube channel, but frankly life has been getting in the way a lot lately. 

Anyway, thought some may be interested. 

Let me know what you thought of the clinic if you're brave enough to sit through it. 


Anonymous said...

The Hindsight clinics aren't recorded (though the presenter can record if they so wish) because it many cases the presenter doesn't have the rights to publish the included material.

Mike Galt said...

This is very current for what I am up to with my modelling. Is there a printed version of this.
Greatly appreciated

Mike Galt

CVSNE said...

I'd told Ted beforehand he could record my clinic - and I swear I saw the little light flashing during the clinic. No big deal. It's likely the confusion was entirely me!
I just think the Hindsight presentation sounded a bit better than the NMRA Potomac Division one!


CVSNE said...


This was a slide presentation, so no there's no printed version of it. I did cover a lot of the information on researching and scaling buildings in the April 2020 issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist's "Running Extra."
Here's a link to the comment section on the MRH site: