Saturday, April 11, 2020

Agricultural Implement & Paint Dealer - Part 10 - Another sign

Here's everything needed for this project. 
Cut the .008" wire that the sign will be
"hanging from" long enough to fit between
the two printed signs with a few
scale inches of wire left protruding above the top. 
As I was test-fitting the implement dealer structure in position I decided the scene needed a sign out front - preferably an older, now rusted sign, hanging from a bracket on a pole. 
So I found a sign on the internet, sized it in Photoshop, and printed out two signs. 
Then I found a length of wood dowel, and some .019" and .008" wire. 
The photos show the basic process. 

The wire is secured to the rear of one sign with ACC, and then the second sign is added to the rear. Touch up the edges of the white paper and carefully dab some dark rust colored paint on the edges and surface of the signs with a sea sponge (below). 

Paint or stain the pole (I used some Hunterline Light Brown, followed by a wash of acrylic Burnt and Raw Umber. Then I drilled a hole in the pole and used ACC to secure a short length of .019" wire. The next step was to glue the sign to the horizontal wire, allowing it to hang a few inches down on the .008" "chain."

Sorry for the quality of the photos - I want to get this structure and scene completed, and didn't want to dig out the proper camera for this - and as you can from the photos above, this sign is really small!
But though it's small, I think it will add just a little something to the finished scene.

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It may be small but what a great job you've done on this.