Friday, March 9, 2018

Move - The Conclusion

As you may have noticed from the last few posts, we are (finally) in the new house. While the final walk-through and closing went fine, the following week was a bit topsy turvey as I contended with being sick, we had some confusion about paint colors that delayed the painters a day. That normally wouldn't have been a big deal, but a series of events spiraled the entire process out of control. 
A major windstorm knocked the power out for 4 days - which prevented the painters from working which in turn delayed the movers. That same storm delayed delivery of our new furniture (as a reminder we sold our previous house with all the furniture so the main level of the new house is empty!) In addition, that same wind storm blew a fair number of shingles off our roof! 
We'd planned to take this week off work and get settled. Needless to say that didn't happen and we're still living out of suitcases. 
For my part, I’m spending the weekend emptying boxes, moving boxes that ended up in the wrong room into the right room, and other fun moving tasks. 
We've moved a lot of times over the years - we were a Navy family once - but although this has been one of the shortest distances we've moved, it has been, without a doubt, the craziest. 
All that said, we're thrilled to be in the new house and have already met many of our neighbors who thus far seem to be wonderful folks. 
Beau and Molly have also met some of the canine neighbors but have at this point stopped caring much and have given up frantically sniffing every corner of the house and simply collapse at the end of the day in utter exhaustion. I know how they feel. 
So, since we have heat and lights, and the new internet pipe seems to be working (house phone is still an issue though…) I thought I’d post a quick update. 


Pete Leach said...

I have found moving the most stressful thing (outside of death and taxes!) my family has experienced! I feel your pain...
Pete Leach

Mike Cougill said...

Good to know there's light at the end of the tunnel. (That's not a train.)

Hunter Hughson said...

I feel your pain. My last move was such a debacle, I think it took us a year to get over it. We ended up discovering that we were involved in a scam only two weeks before closing of the new house. Of course, we'd already sold the old house, so on closing day we were homeless and paying the movers to store all but our most essential items. Good friends happened to have an extra fully furnished house for a few months (what are the chances?). They truly saved us in the end. Luckily, we found our current house quickly. That's life: things come at you, you work through them, repeat, look for happiness.

CVSNE said...

That's certainly true - but yikes, we had nothing as overwhelming and discouraging as your experience happen to us!
I think we're finally at the point where everything is in the house .... somewhere(!)
As I look around I can't help but think we didn't "downsize" terribly well.