Tuesday, November 7, 2017

New Basement Footprint

NOTE: I've added this drawing to a separate page (see tab directly under blog header). Ultimately that tab will include the track plan for the new layout. 
After the previous post discussing moving walls and the like I realized it might help put things in context if I shared the diagram of the new basement. So below is a drawing showing the key elements of the basement in the new house, with approximate dimensions. 


Geof Smith said...

Does this mean a change in the space available for your layout?

CVSNE said...

Not sure what you mean - the dimensions shown are more accurate than the ones I'd had a few weeks ago, but they haven't changed much.
One thing to note, the dimensions shown that include exterior walls are to the outside of the exterior wall, so one has to adjust for the (1) thickness of the foundation wall (2) insulation and the like and (3) the thickness of the finished wall.
The builder recommended one foot per exterior wall as a rough estimate - So the 23'-2" wall at the bottom on the image will be closer to 21'-2"; likewise the 19'-8" distance between the exterior wall and the line of the stairwell wall is closer to 18'-8".

My plan is to have the layout in the area that appears as the lower section of this drawing - as I said before, although there's lots of room for a layout in this basement, there isn't enough room in my life for a huge project so I have no intention of filling this space with model railroad.