Saturday, December 10, 2016

Video Update #1 - December 2016

I'm going to try something new - doing monthly video updates on the layout. The first of them is posted on YouTube and can be found at the following link. 
Video production is something new to me, and I obviously have a lot to learn! 
I hope you enjoy and appreciate any and all feedback. 
It's available here.


Mike Cougill said...

Hi Marty,
Your videography has a solid foundation to build on. The motion is smooth and consistent, with each scene well lighted. Tthe audio is clear with excellent sound quality and natural sounding narration. Excellent beginning.

Mike Cougill

CVSNE said...

Thanks for the feedback Mike. I typed a rather lengthy reply but BlogSpot has a limit to the length of comments. See the next blog post for more details!