Friday, April 10, 2015

Noodling some Worms

What does one do during an endless telecon at work on a Friday morning? 
Simple, one doodles. 
Years ago I decided to stop fighting it. As a young naval officer I learned to keep notes to myself, work taskers and the like in what we called a "wheel book". I still do. New page every morning. I'm a dedicated doodler meaning my wheel book is filled with mundane work stuff and, of course, doodles. 
Considering yesterday's blog post it should come as no surprise that I tried some more variations of "SNE" in the post-1963 "wet noodle" CN logo. 
On the CV I often heard the employees refer to the CV intertwined logo as a "pregnant tapeworm." 
My collection of SNE wiggly worms is shown above. 
Not quite there but, but a couple of them show some promise? 

*A "Wheelbook" technically is (or at least used to be) a book kept by all naval officers standing bridge watches listing all the helm and rudder commands, ship sightings and the like. Kind of personal ship's log book. It's totally a CYA device. 
It's evolved over the years to mean a running log of work assignments - it's quite common for the ship's Executive Officer to "review your wheel book." That's not considered a pleasant experience!

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