Friday, April 3, 2015

Derby and Ball Woodworking Shop

Back at the modeling desk adding some details to the Derby & Ball woodworking building. I have several photos George Dutka sent me as a guide, but clearly the structure had seen better days by the time he snapped these images.
Chief inspiration is a Phil Hastings photo of the Ambassador rounding the curve at Waterbury. That's the woodworking building to the left of the locomotive.
One thing that barely shows up in the photo it a "box on stilts" to the left of the gable window.
As far as what it actually was - my guess is it was some sort of sawdust handling/storage/collection system. Someone suggested it might be a steam box of some sort since the company made skis that would have been bent and formed from wood strips.
Here's one view of the woodworking shop. That "box on stilts" is just out of view to the left.

I'm not sure what it is, but it certainly adds some visual interest to an otherwise plain Jane building, so last night I cobbled it up out of styrene. The black styrene is a subshell that will be sheathed in Campbell's corrugated metal. I also got the roof panels cut out.
The door and windows are painted and I got about half of them "glazed" before calling it a night.

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jaggerbomb said...

Marty, I was also wondering what that "box on stilts' was, I also built this structure and the one on the right using your previous posts. I'll have to add the "box" thanks. JOHN