Sunday, March 29, 2015

John Paganoni's P-1-a #507

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending our annual Mini-Con here in the Potomac Division of the NMRA. I was one of the judges in the contest room, so I didn't get to see any of the clinics. What I did get was a very close-up look at some excellent models, including this one by my good friend John Paganoni. 
Officially, this is a "kit bashed" model - since the drive train and side rods are from a Life-Like-Proto-2000 USRA 0-8-0. I think a small section in the center of the boiler is also original to the Life-Like model. John also used some of the etched parts John Williams sold a few years ago for the tender shell and cab. 
Everything - I mean everything - else on this model was extensively redetailed/reworked, and altered to match a Central Vermont P-1-a class 0-8-0 - specifically #507 as she looked in East New London, Conn., in 1951. 
In the NMRA contest scoring matrix a "perfect" score is 125 points - this particular model ended up with 112 points. 

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