Friday, January 24, 2014

Randolph Industries

This table shows a list of the trackside industries in Randolph from around the time frame of the layout. I say "around" the time frame since this information is taken from a CV List of Industries - dated December 1945 (Original provided by the late Jim McFarlane).
Of note to my crew members familiar with the layout is the addition of another Demeritt Co. Cannery (there's already one in Waterbury - I wonder how many misrouted cars will result from having two industries with the same name!) and the fact that there were two operating creameries in town at the time. Not unheard of, certainly but much of the model railroad literature published on milk train operations has usually emphasized two things - (1) creameries were on double-ended sidings and (2)there was only one creamery in any given town active at any given time. (Obviously, these were not always the case).

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