Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Southern New England Boxcars

A few months ago, the South Shore Model Railway Club in Hingham, Mass., contacted me about doing a special run of Southern New England Railway boxcars. I provided them with the artwork I'd developed for the SNE a few years ago and I just found out the special run cars are available. There are two different paint schemes available on the Kadee 40-foot PS-1s. One of them is obviously inspired by the Canadian National Maple Leaf scheme. The green wafer scheme is inspired by a similar class of Grand Trunk Western cars. 
The cars are $34.95 each + shipping  ($5 for one and $6 for a pair by Priority Mail).
Dave Clinton of the South Shore Club tells me they will be available for sale at the Springfield show this coming weekend. Or you can order them through the club website.
Thanks to Dave and John Sheridan of the South Shore Model Railway Club for doing such a great job on these! 
If you've ever wanted to own a SNE car, here's your chance!


The Inverness and Richmond Railway Company said...

I don't suppose you know where I could get my hands on a couple of decal sets in N scale do you?

CVSNE said...

Sorry, but I never had N scale SNE decals printed up.