Sunday, May 13, 2012

Backdrop tweaks

My first attempt at including a backdrop in what I call the "Essex Junction alcove"  (You can see the approximate position of the Essex Junction shed with the mockup on the left) utilized a curved piece of Masonite attached to the wall and forming a constant radius curve in front of the support post and joining the peninsula backdrop.
I didn’t like the way the curved section of backdrop looked – besides it would have made an awkward scene with the wye trackage.  I also (for once) wisely decided to do something about it before laying track in this area.  It would have been difficult to do this work with track in place – and virtually impossible with scenery!
So I removed the last backdrop section, cut a panel of Masonite to fit between the end of the existing backdrop and the support post, and blended the joint smooth. I’ll paint the post sky blue so it will look like part of the backdrop.
Removing the backdrop section meant the backside of another section of backdrop was visible. I framed up some supports and used some Masonite to fill the area between the support post and the wall. When this is all painted sky blue I think it will fade away from view – something that all backdrops should do!
As an aside, I'm really, really pleased with the fascia color!


Bryan Drastal said...

Hey guys i myself also model newengland and have to say it is great looking at your stuff even though I madrl the 80s time period in new England it really makes you think of what was there in the past I remember reading a article in modelrailroader about a guy who pretty much modeled the cv but made it more freelance to incorporate some motive power that he like I belove it was called the NH & VT really cool railroad but he had a dead on st albans with office and everything was wondering if you have a st albans area and if so share some photos thanks -Bryan

CVSNE said...


I remember the VT&NH railroad layout you're talking about and agree it was pretty neat. Sorry, I don't have St. Albans on the current railroad. Thanks for looking!