Monday, April 30, 2012

An addition to the roster

I've been so consumed with benchwork, track, and wiring over the last couple of years that I haven't added any new cars to the layout - although the pile of "to be built" kits certainly hasn't shrunk - in fact, it's grown. 
So I was doubly thrilled to find a box from Elgin Car Shops arrived in today's mail - although I have to admit I was expecting it. A couple of weeks ago Elgin proprietor Pierre Oliver sent me a email asking for my home address, since he had something he wanted to send me. Imagine my surprise when I opened the box to find a Sunshine Models kit for a New York Central 1-1/2 door boxcar. That was great - but the best part was the fact that car was finished - on a railroad with precious few "Finished" cars anything "Done" is worthy of a blog post - and a sincere thank you. 
Actually, this past week I've contracted with Pierre to build a couple of other cars. Having seen his work in person I highly recommend.  

For details on Elgin Car Shops check out his website

And  as requested Pierre, now I can say "Pierre Oliver built that car for me . . ."


Hummer said...

I have one of the same kits also hope mine turns out as well as this one.

CVSNE said...

Actually, in going through a box of cars last week I came across the same kit as well!
I think it will be while before that one gets built!

A R Pollard said...

That's a nice looking car. If only getting Sunshine kits were easier for us who live abroad.