Monday, March 26, 2012

John Paganoni's East New London roundhouse

Believe it or not, there are actually TWO Central Vermont Railway modelers in Manassas, Va., me, and my good friend John Paganoni. 

John is well known in CV modeling circles - although he hasn't built a huge number of models, the ones he has completed are universally excellent - and his latest, this roundhouse, is no exception. 

The model is completely scratchbuilt, and accurately reflects the appearance of the structure in John's 1950s era. 
Close study will reveal this is a building with history - the older arched stalls on the left side date to the pre-Civil War era (by John's era this section of the building had been converted to a shop area since the doors were too small for the power in use on the line at the time), the middle section - with the larger doors and longer stalls - built as six stalls but four of them burned down. And finally, the "new house" - the wooden section to the right with the larger windows and doors. 

This was the last major component of the New London facilities John needed to complete - he's already built the coaling tower, water tank, and turntable.  

Here's John's description of the project:
The New London roundhouse project is about complete except for some interior 
detail in the newest section (4 stall section)that I will do before putting 
the structure in place. The machine shop will be fully detailed inside, and 
I have already completed the machines and floor as an insert when I put the 
structure in place. Lighting is already installed. 

There are a lot of things I would have liked to come out better, but I am 
tiring of this project (it has taken far more time than I thought it would) 
and want to get on with bench work. 


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