Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Some New Scenery

After setting a record of not accomplishing anything on the layout for the last two months (holiday visitors, combined with a nasty head cold that I just couldn't shake for weeks...) I took some time between Christmas and New Years to get some additional scenery added to the layout. 

Actually, I started out intending to do some sorting of the scenery material bins - in the end it seemed to make more sense - and sounded a lot more fun - to actually use the stuff on the layout rather than simply sort it and store it. 

On a more pragmatic note, I also needed to get some step by step photos for my planned Autumn Scenery book. 

After making scads of trees, I concentrated my efforts on the open country running section between Berkshire and Stafford Mills. One thing I tried to create was the extreme overgrowth between a pasture or field and the railroad right-of-way. 

This scene still needs some refinement (I think the poles are a little taller than they need to be, and the clumps of Martin Welberg materials could be blended a little better, for example) but the scene is getting there. 

On disadvantage of modeling fall colors is the need for so many different colors, and textures, of materials. So the work area tends to spread out over adjacent areas of the layout, as you can see from this overall view of the layout section I'm working on - 


Jeff Lodge Studio said...

Marty, Looks great. I think the CV telegraph poles were about 50% of that height. Also is that hand laid code 70? I flex track, what brand?

CVSNE said...

Hi Jeff,
Thanks. The height of the poles illustrates why it's a good idea to take snap shots of a scene as it develops - the height of the poles looks "okay" in person, not too bad in the overall "helicopter" shots (that I didn't post) of the scene, but way too tall in the "HO eye level" view.
Track is Micro-Engineering code 70 flex.