Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Second Section Podcast

 I appeared on the Second Section Podcast last night. Essentially I presented a "walking tour" of the Richford Branch layout as it exists, with some modeling tips and techniques thrown in. 

Thanks to Mike and Andy for having me - I truly enjoyed it although it was somewhat of a struggle to get out of bed and into the office this morning. 

If you were on the live show and asked a question that I didn't answer feel free to ask in the comment section here. (I purposely did not look at the chat while I was presenting). 

And if you missed the live show you can find it on You Tube on the Second Section Podcast channel.

Click HERE for a direct link.  

While there be sure to check out their other wonderful interviews and subscribe! 



Alan/Mason-Dixon RR said...

Marty, Work has me at training in Dulles VA the end of July/first couple days in August and I was wondering if you allowed visitors. Reach out to me on my YouTube contact page for email address.

CVSNE said...
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CVSNE said...

I welcome visits from fellow model railroaders to SNE country, and I believe we'll be around during the time you mentioned you be in the area.
For the life of me I can't seem to figure out your email address from your YouTube contact page. But feel free to contact me at MJMCGUIRK COMCAST NET and we can work through the specifics.