Saturday, July 10, 2021

A roof for the store at the Junction

 I finally ventured back into the basement a couple of evenings this week after a long hiatus from hobbies of any kind.  I found the Streeters store kit still sitting in the middle of my modeling desk - where it's been since February! - so it made sense to continue working on that. Besides, I need this building done so I can continue working on this scene. 

Besides, to finish the other ongoing layout project, scenery for the staging yard area, I need to make more Super Trees. 

Over the course of the last few evenings I got the roof on the store shingled. I also got the standing seam roofing cut to size and primed, but it still needs some more rust and texture. 

The standing seam roofing has been primed but needs some color variation and rust added. 

The photos show the current state of the structure. 

Couple of tips - I added horizontal guidelines to the subroof prior to adding the shingle strips. Actually I usually do this while the sub roof is flat on the table before installing it on the model. I didn't in this case. Did I mention I was a little rusty?

Another technique I tried is included in the kit instructions. Use a variety of markers to color the shingle material before removing it from the sheet and installing it. Basically, you draw lines across the sheet of different colors and shades of gray, tans, etc... and cut the sheets into strips and add them randomly. The results can be seen in the photos above. Much, much, easier and faster than the former method of installing the shingle strips and then coloring individual shingles on the roof after they've been installed. 

It felt good to get back at it - though I need to really clear off the modeling desk - and clean the workshop - sounds like a good plan for this afternoon!

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