Monday, January 28, 2019

Taking a Break

I started this blog at the very end of 2010 - and over the last eight years have enjoyed sharing my hobby activities. 
I'm particularly gratified (and not just a little surprised!) at the ~640,000 page views this thing has generated over that time. 
But scrapping the layout in our former home about 18 months ago took the wind out of my sails for the hobby and for blogging. Frankly this lack of effort shows if you review the blog postings, both subject and frequency, over the last year or so.  
So I've decided to be honest with myself, and all of you, and officially take a break from this blog. 
I do enjoy blogging, and hope to return to blogging again - perhaps with a blog that's not limited to one railroad or layout. When I do that I will be certain to put a link to that blog HERE. 
In the meantime, although I might offer an occasional thought or update it's time to take a break. 
Thanks to all who've read and commented on my scribbles. 


Geof Smith said...

When its not fun anymore it's time to step away. Thanks for all the insights and inspiration!

Matt Forcum said...

Hope to see you back at it soon. I've gotten a lot of great ideas from your postings! Take care!

Chris Adams said...

Always enjoy your updates and following along with you, but sometimes a tactical retreat is the best way to make forward progress over the long term. Hope the hiatus will give you some motivation to come back again - hopefully soon!

Gene said...

I understand your situation. I also have pretty well stopped blogging or even visiting blogger. For me the proverbial straw was the Blogger update a couple of years ago...ever since then I’ve found it buggy and not fun to use or even to scroll through and read. As far as actual modelling I think every one of us go through dryspells that affect our interest in the hobby for varying amounts of time...I consider it a normal part of the hobby.

Jerry said...

Good luck to all you do. It was a great journey!!


Galen Gallimore said...

Let's hope the break isn't too long...I enjoy reading your blog. Best wishes in the interim,


Todd Hermann said...

Hopefully, your new layout is still proceeding sans blog. I, for one, am amazed at those of us who find time to build layouts and blog about it! I barely can find time for the build part...