Saturday, October 14, 2017 house, old house

I don't know if it's some sort of omen (and if it is I hope it's a good one!) that the same day we signed the contract to sell our old house (closing middle of next month - provided all goes well!) construction started on our new house. 
I went by yesterday to see if anything was progressing and the footers were being poured - and the house "kit pack" - essentially the precut lumber for the house and the floor "decks" were being offloaded from a series of flatbeds. No, I didn't try to measure the outline of the basement walls...I didn't have my tape measure with me (or my boots!) 

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EspeeCascades said...

Exciting times Marty! I remember this stage well for our own house build. I note one key instrument in your photo of the foundation footers--the surveyor's base station on a tripod. With that in use, I suspect you will have pretty high accuracy for this part of the construction. For our own house, I saw this play out with the excavator using GPS to guide his scrapes and digs. If you DO take a tape measure (and boots!) try measuring cross corners to check the diagonal square of the house. Meanwhile, good times!

Bill Decker
McMinnville, OR