Sunday, May 1, 2016

Test-fitting Demeritt Cannery

 I've completed the basic buildings for the Demeritt Cannery in Waterbury. This is one of the key structures remaining to be finished in the "front door" scene - hence the reason for focusing on it. 
Entire building is Evergreen styrene - based on the two prototype photos I managed to turn up of the building. To fit the buildings I needed to adjust the hillside behind the structure and made a Gatorboard base for the building. Although the covered shed, which I assume is some sort of canopy over a dump pit, was on the right side of the gable end of the building, there was no way to fit it there with the track in place so I shifted the shed to the left side of the building. 
Although the pictures show the sections of the building loosely fit together, I plan to secure them to the Gatorboard base once they're painted and detailed. 
After I took these pictures I airbrushed the building with a base coat of Vallejo Pale Blue Gray.

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