Monday, January 11, 2016

Down By the Old Mill Stream -2

Before an update on the mill stream proper - 
In Other News….
Stic came by Saturday and we got quite a number of "small, but annoying and necessary" projects ticked off the "to-do" list. This included some work on the fascia, fastening the sub roadbed and homasote in place in Bethel and filling in a few sections that needed plywood to support track. 

The stream gets some color

On the mill stream project I got some time in this weekend getting the rock outcroppings added to the stream bank and finishing up the landform shaping tasks. 
A quick coat of flat black paint in the "watercourse" and some tan paint on the plaster patches between the foam sections help with visualizing the scene. 

The rocks are a combination of Cripplebush rocks and traditional plaster castings. The plaster rocks got a first coat of color in the form of Hunterline stains (Blue Gray, Light Brown, and Sepia Brown) in an effort to cover the glare of the plaster. 
This whole thing looks a little like a hot mess at this stage, but have faith, things are going to start falling into place with the next couple of steps. 

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