Thursday, December 3, 2015

Central Vermont stenciling diagrams

An ongoing discussion on the Steam Era Freight Cars Yahoo Group started as a discussion of various railroad rolling stock lettering types/styles. This naturally morphed into a discussion of "stenciling diagrams"  - full size diagrams that shop crews would use when lettering equipment. 
Some railroads called these "heralds," many called them "emblems" - on the CN family, including the Central Vermont, the diagrams were most often referred to as "wafers." 
Here is the CV stenciling diagram for the familiar steam locomotive tender lettering (also used on one of the milk car schemes), the familiar CV "tilted wafer":
And here is the diagram for the Maple Leaf monogram applied to the ends of the diesel locomotives and sides of some passenger cars:

I also have the maple leaf used on the vans, but haven't scanned it yet. 


Milepost17.8 said...

A perfect example of why railroad lettering is not a 'font'! Look at 'Vermont"...
the asymmetrical V, the unusual R, and a little hint of a serif on the right arm of the T. You just won't find that on your favorite computer font site!!!!

Anonymous said...


the caboose maple leaf diagram has been determined to be correct only for a few cars, Al Irwin indicated it was not correct at all. my research indicates it had limited use before a more simplified or modified design used by the artist. I have used this on my car.

Al P.